Custom Electronic Power Conversion for High Efficiency, Power Density, Power Quality and Harsh Environments

Inverter Power Factor Correction HID Lamp Ballast


E&M Power designs and manufactures custom electronic power conversion products that meet your power quality, controllability, high efficiency, EMI or power density requirements. We combine cutting edge electronic and magnetic designs, materials and components with our extensive experience to develop innovative solutions toActive Load Emulator your unique problems while continuously advancing and expanding our off-the-shelf technology. Our experience and expertise combined with streamlined development and manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide electronic power conversion solutions that meet your program schedule and quality requirements. From power systems, to fully packaged and qualified power supplies / inverters / converters, to circuit card assemblies and modules for building into your product, to consulting services for product and system level performance and EMI compliance, to our flexible approach to business relationships, we provide INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS that become your competitive advantage.

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